About Us

Our History

In 2001, two long time friends came together and shared their CD's with one another. Realizing they had a pretty vast selection of music, they began playing music at their family and friend's house parties. From there they realized they had a good thing going and purchased their first pair of speakers. Once the word got out, they were hired to DJ their first wedding and it went on from there. Eventually, bigger events calling for more lighting and staging came their way and they transformed from a small DJ business to a full production company. This growth and success led them to establish the name "Bay Area Production" and get incorporated in 2009. Now Bay Area Production works together with a large team of DJ's as well as many production professionals so that every event is unique and flawless. The experience among this team is a valuable asset and has proven very successful amongst our customers. The secret to our success is that your event isn't just be a party, it's a production. Because of this, we believe to be Florida's premier party specialists!

Customer Testimonials

After every event, we email a survey to all our customers to get feedback on our performance. We do this to ensure the highest possible satisfaction from our customers. As part of the survey, we also ask if they would like to share their experience on our website. Below is a list of some of the testimonials we have received.

Photos of Past Events

Below are some photos from past events. To find additional photos and video clips, visit our Facebook Page. If you would like to have us take video clips or pictures of your event when we perform, please let us know ahead of time to make the proper arrangements.