Projector & Screen Rentals

We have several different size projector screens to fit your needs and can setup multiple screens when necessary. Below are a few examples of the screens we commonly use.

Pull Up 4:3 Floor Stand Screen

We have a 5ft x 4ft  screen that is a standalone setup. This screen is comparable in size to a 80" TV. This screen is often used in small ballrooms or clubhouses and also for wedding cocktails.

Dual Vision 4:3 Screens

We have dual 8ft x 6ft screens that can be setup together or individually. These screens are each individually comparable in size to a 120" TV and can be setup as front or rear projection.  They are often used for wedding to display a photo montage/slideshow during the cocktail or reception. These are also a popular selection for corporate functions.

Inflatable 16:9 Movie Screen

We have a 12.5ft x 7ft 16:9 screen comparable in size to a 173" Widescreen TV. This screen is the prefect way to take your next movie night, cookout, or block party to a whole new level! Available for rental and Inflated at almost 18ft wide and 13ft tall, this screen allows your family and friends to experience movies on the lawn/park around Tampa Bay FL in a larger-than-life way!